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Friendly Net Watcher

Friendly Net Watcher
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Friendly Net Watcher
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Friendly Net Watcher

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   December 22, 2011: Friendly Net Watcher 1.2.1:

    Friendly Net Watcher is Freeware now.
         December 26, 2004: Friendly Net Watcher 1.2:

      • Added: Defining of computer or user name in black/white list as a mask: ? - one symbol; * - zero, one or several symbols; | - all that further - exclusionary mask.
      • Added: Kick all mode while executed defined application.
      • Added: Opportunity to remember connections only with opened files.
      • Added: "Options|Other|Check for new version at startup".
      • Added: Notification sound file is improved.
      • Added: Searching in help.
      • Added: Belarusian interface language.
      • Fixed: Option did not work: "Only 1 copy at a time".
      • Fixed: Option did not work: "Autostart".
      • Fixed: Option was not checked off: "Display tray icon".
      • Fixed: Information panel size was not remembered.
      • Fixed: Bug with checking only by computer name in black/white list.
      • Fixed: Fatal error at deleting computer from the list while looking its context menu.
           September 7, 2003: Friendly Net Watcher 1.1:

        • Added: Status bar.
        • Added: New style of Options window.
        • Added: "Options|Notification|Only according to kicklist".
        • Added: "Options|Notification|Play sound file".
        • Added: "Options|Service".
        • Added: "Options|Other".
        • Added: "Options|Remote|Brouse".
        • Added: Refrash rate in milliseconds.
        • Added: Hotkeys for some operations.
        • Added: "Right-click item|Generate Report".
             July 14, 2003: Friendly Net Watcher 1.0 beta:

            Friendly Pinger devided into 4 products.
            One of them - Friendly Net Watcher.
            Friendly Net Watcher - is "Connections" from FPinger.

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